Welcome to the unlimited possibilities of the NeuroGreen© Cloud

Go Virtual Green and get rewarded for the things you can do online

The things you do in social media apps are what empowers those apps; your creative thoughts from your most valuable asset - your brain. A social app is the software that drives your creative ideas towards those who can "like" them on the internet.

The difference between those apps and the NeuroGreen© Cloud is that we pay you for what you are already doing.


Why GvG?

Go Virtual Green (GvG) and the NeuroGreen© Cloud software is a new place where you can refresh your mind by playing games, watching videos, and learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STE[A]M) through trivia.  It is also a positive disruptive messaging system that provides fun and innovative family engagement that allows each user to restore life and appreciate the world we love. The minute you log on to GvG you can start learning and earning with no formal training or skills required.

GvG and the NeuroGreen© Cloud software promotes STE[A]M initiatives via games and trivia with a touch of creative art and positive entertainment, while also providing communities across the globe access to advanced education in Finance and Entrepreneurship, and Behavior Coaching. GvG helps us keep the online world we enjoy Safe, Clean and Green!

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GvG and the NeuroGreen© Cloud software App can run on any smart device. It's designed to create opportunities for everyone.  Our users can raise funds and earn rewards - such as smartphones, computers, scholarships, grants, trips, gift cards, green living vouchers, and other educational tools - to drive down crime, poverty, illiteracy, violence, bullying, and other discriminatory hate crimes while promoting safe positive behavior online.

Within this green cloud of things to do, you can earn green energy points which drives your personal green energy meter. When your NeuroGreen© "Green Brain" meter reaches 100 points from your green cloud positive activity, rewards are revealed through a digital scratch-off, sponsored by the Non-Profit, GoVirtualGreen.org, and other global GvG sponsors.

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