Learn & Earn: How it works

Go Virtual Green is a fun new way to earn some extra Cash. What are the other networks paying you for your creative work? Go Virtual Green and get paid for creating and posting Green Positive Social Media Content!

Social media apps are not whats powering social media, it’s your creative work from your most valuable asset, your brain that creates the power social media has.  A Social app is the software that drives your creative works towards those who value them. It’s your Intellectual Property, that you create, that powers the internet.

Start a fresh new cool job doing what you already love to do online, which is create content that will now reward and pay you well through the Go Virtual Green Challenge. No formal training  is needed and you can start working right now.

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GvG WorkShare IQ Software

Your creative social content is the heart and soul of social media. It’s the creative work you made and own as superstars in the eyes and hearts of people who love you and recognize you everyday for the creative things you do to make their world a better place to live. GvG allows you to exercise your human rights to play, earn, learn, create, have fun and be safe in a green online virtual world you create and share with your friends. GvG rewards you for your positive creative works of art in fashion, music, health, education, entertainment, and positive words of inspiration. GvG gives you the earnings and rewards you deserve for the time you spend online working creating social media already. Try our advancedNeuroGreen© cognitive employment approach, created by the  top technology engineers, PhD award winning doctors, and educators around the globe. GvG is proven to drive you to success and earnings and is accepted by award winning medical researchers, universities, thought leaders, Fortune 500 companies, and international governments around the world via our United Nations Association Partnership.

Check out our events page and see how GvG has been working in developing countries like Nigeria and Barbados, to help develop this amazing new NeuroGreen© Cloud Technology that deters and neutralizes hate and crime in the world.

“GvG is a virtual social antiviral software utility for today’s social illness. TheNeuroGreen© cloud utility software as a service (SaaS), creates green lanes of freedom, and earnings for you, while totally revolutionizing education. The GvG approach creates jobs for millions around the world. The GvG tool is a must in your Green internet of things to do”. -Jeremy Newkirk, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and CEO.

Will you take the GvG challenge and Join the NeuroGreen© Cloud?

When you signup and take the GvG challenge, you also help sponsor a child 17 years and younger on GvG that you can now mentor and help create success and peace with. You also get a 501c3 non-profit tax donation credit for your sponsorship of that child.

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