GvG recycles the human spirit. Our new platform builds neurological attainment, cognitive entrepreneurship, and personal achievement. GVG seamlessly integrates gaming, multimedia, trivia, STEM and financial education. This fun family-friendly engagement software utilizes exclusive entertainment from today’s hottest celebrities and thought leaders. Your favorite stars support and encourage “you" to achieve in a safe, clean virtual space that we call the NeuroGreen© Cloud. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to recycle the human spirit and reshape the culture of social life and communication online in our communities and around the world.

GVG is one of the most innovative platforms to come along in years... It literally changes lives.
— Santana Moss, NFL, Washington Redskins

What GvG Provides

  • Effective Education
  • Brain-Targeted Teaching
  • Virtual Career Mentorship
  • Establishes Emotional Climate
  • GVG Data Warehouse
  • NeuroGreen Cloud Technology
  • GVG Peace Partner Plan
  • Go Virtual Green Celebrity Genies