Go Virtual Green is a subsidiary of NeuroGreen Technologies, an International Business Technology, and Entertainment company that has developed businesses in the U.S., Africa, Barbados, and Canada. Founded by Jeremy Newkirk in May 2004, our capabilities consist of a portfolio of multiple distinct capabilities, focusing on NeuroGreen© computer science technology in the areas of Neuro-teaching and education, virtual grass roots Neuro-marketing, green construction, health and nutrition, inspirational entertainment, and virtual online media. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to recycle the human spirit and reshape the culture of social life and communication online and in our communities and around the world.

I look forward to the collaboration that can come from our different professional perspectives working together to create change in the world. It really sounds like GvG is attempting to make changes at all of these different levels. I have seen very few projects that have attempted to do so all at once.
— Dr. Michelle Kaufman, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Health, Behavior & Society

What WE Address

  • Non productive behavior
  • Harmful cognitive activity
  • Bullying
  • Lack of empathy
  • Skill development
  • Confidence insecurities
  • Ineffective Education
  • Differing Learning Styles
  • Apathy
  • Unfiltered online content
  • Lack of etiquette
  • Lack of positive human interaction